Thursday, December 21, 2006

standing tall

Katie Collins & Her New Self-Portrait
She tried to draw her picture
It never came out right
She wanted to paint her picture
But was totally filled with fright
What will people say
What will people do
What would people think
If i drew it out with ink
I'm too scared to share my story
Too scared to pour my heart
Would they still care about me
If I included every part?
Would they know that I don't have it together
If it was all laid out in paint
Would they know that I'm not perfect
Would they see how I'm no saint
She knew it was her choice
if she should choose to paint it all
But could it ever be something
She'd risk to leave hanging on the wall?
So much went through her mind
for, so much was in her heart
But when she took that empty canvass
it all came out like art.
After this, people might say
"She's not so special after all!"
But as she finished, in God's eyes
She stood 10ft tall
She took two steps back
To breathe it all in
And said with a smile,
"This just might win".
Cuz it finally looks like me
With flaws and scars from my past
Yes it finally really is me
I admit i had a blast
As i was painting this picture of the girl
The girl behind the mask
They came and saw her artwork
She had hung everything on the wall
And it seemed to her
like they were all in awe
Then they came to the picture
but they still couldn't see
Until she said...
"The girl in the picture...yes, that one is me."
They stood there in silence
She reminded herself not to dart
As they looked at the parts
she had been hiding from the start.
But when they looked in her eyes
and saw how she had changed
She was willing to be honest
and they were able to say
That they still thought she was pretty
even without the mask
And she no longer needed anything
to hide the scars from her past
They asked her how she painted it
for it seemed like quite a task
But she said that it was easy
after...she removed her mask
God made these hands of mine
right from the start
and i can feel in my heart
that these hands were made for art.
So this is how i can praise Him
Yes this could be my song
I could choose to take the glory
But i feel that would be wrong
So you can take her artwork
and hang it on a wall
But give the glory to her maker
for her talent was given by God.


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