Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Promise of Love

"Child, it's 12:06
Why aren't you sleep?"
"Lord, clouding my mind are promises I don't keep."
As the pang of guilt continues to linger
I look at my hand & take the ring off my finger
A symbol of the vow that I once made
Two years later emotions start to fade

"Lord, this ring...
With You i plan to leave it
Until with all my heart I can say I mean it
Please don't worry
For, in a special place will I tuck it away
Hoping that I'll choose again to wear it someday."

I closed my eyes
We were standing at the cross
Now rugged, aged & covered with dross

As I opened my fist to see why it hurt
Clenched in my hand was gravel & dirt

In Yours,
There lay that precious band.
Paid with blood--my sin's demand.
You spoke.
"With this ring, had I thee wed.
'Once for all', I swore then bled."

And there on my finger, how it sparkled and shined
As You told me once more that it was still mine
"Real love," You said, "is much more than a feeling
See, LOVE, my child... it is not fleeting
And I, just like this ring...
I am not leaving!"

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