Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shut the back door

So this is what i learned today from the message:

God wants to bring DELIVERANCE---freedom from bondage

Though we are in the world, we do not fight like the world

---the name of Jesus
---the blood of the Lamb
---the Word of God
---praise & worship

our weapons are MIGHTY to demolish STRONGHOLDS

diagram of a stronghold:


It can start out as an evil Thought that we choose to Meditate on. Then we Act upon it. If we continue to act upon our evil thought that we choose to meditate becomes a Habit. Then it becomes our Character. This is the path that Destroys us because it leads to DEATH.

What should we do:
Realize that Jesus defeated sin & death. Confess our sins one to another that we may be healed. Turn away from our sins & forgive others for sinning against us. Trust in Christ completely & draw nearer to Him each day.

How do we Prevent strongholds:
Give NO place or ground to the devil!!!

half the thoughts we think are not not sign for it. DON'T ACCEPT IT. do not claim it to be for you.

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