Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Consuming Fire - CFNI Album Responding

This song has been burning on my heart all night long. It's sang by Keila Moreno on the Christ For The Nations CD - Responding. I got the clip from YouTube and the lyrics from someone else's blog

May my life be a reflection
of Your power and Your glory
breathing in the breath of Heaven
leaning in to hear Your heart beat

And my heart, my thoughts, my mind, Lord
they are Yours now and forever
Come and do in me your will and,
I'll be Yours today forever

Consuming fire burn deep within
Overtake my heart, and burn in me once again

And I give You all my days Lord
all my joys and all my sorrows
and the plans that I have dreamed of
holding back for Yours to follow

May my mouth be full of blessings
Lord I want to speak with Your words
may Your spirit light my pathway
take my life today, forever

Cause all I wanna do is please You
be the Ruler of my world and
take away the things that blind me
all I want is to live for You...

Fuego de Dios
Quémame hoy
Purifícame y lléname otra vez
Fuego de Dios
Quémame hoy
Purifícame y lléname otra vez

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