Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Find Your Passion!

Find Your Passion!

I found this in my workbook from a training event I went to last year. 

1. What do you love? 
God; His immeasurable love for me; salvation from sin, death & separation from God through Jesus Christ; the atoning blood of Jesus; peace; forgiveness; freedom from fear & death; the ability to be real & receive truth from family and friends; HOPE; GRACE; JOY; :) TRIUMPH OVER SATAN!; my family; my friends; my church (the body of Christ); the HOLY SPIRIT & His direction & guidance; praying in the Spirit; dancing in His presence; loving on others; writing; God's Word coming alive in my life; my family, friends, boss & co-workers; LOVE; the Body of Christ IN ACTION; being used by the LORD to touch other people; when someone realizes that they are loved! (by God & others); poetry; spoken word; laughter; streams; nature; adventures; art; paintings; FORGIVENESS; music that brings God glory & directs me to HIM; a new day, a song or word of encouragement at just the RIGHT TIME, a song or verse He puts on MY heart, when others see Jesus in me and how He is changing me & it causes them to desire & seek after Him and He becomes REAL to them through an encounter with HIM :)

2. What do you hate?
SIN! SATAN-the Devil! The LIES he told me that I believed; the fear he filled me with, the years he stole from me; the feeling of not being able to conquer sin; the feeling of hopelessness, unrighteous anger and frustration; fear of failure, death, being unloved, or not being enough; the feeling of rejection from someone I love; lack of faith, hope, & trust; being complacent, being afraid; sadness; not being able to help someone; when I or someone else feels worthless, dirty, abused, unloved, etc.

3. What are you passionate about?
JESUS!!!  :)    life; love; my family & friends; the church body; souls being saved & lives being changed by the Holy Spirit; an eternity in Heaven; declaring the goodness of the Lord; RIGHTEOUSNESS; loving what He loves & hating what He hates; DENTISTRY; WRITING; helping & serving; loving on people & telling them about all that Christ has done for me; God's immeasurable LOVE; WORSHIP; DANCE; growing; learning; bringing GLORY & HONOR to my LORD, GOD, & SAVIOR---JESUS CHRIST!!!

4. What do you REALLY want?
- To impact the lives of others by the life I live in JESUS!
- For others, especially my loved ones, to know & experience a true relationship with Christ & see their lives impacted & totally, radically changed for God's glory.
- To one day be an awesome wife & mother.
- To hear, "Well done, my good & faithful servant!"
- For Jesus to come for us, His bride.

5. What are two decisions you made in the past that have positively shaped your life? How did they change your life for the better? What finally got you to decide?
SURRENDER & REPENTANCE! I did not want to continue living a life without the power of God to break the bondages & chains holding me & keeping me from truly living.
BEING REAL! Opening up & allowing others to see the real me & the struggles. Asking for help. Telling others my testimony.

6. What two new decisions are you committed to making now, and how will they powerfully improve your life forever?
* To remove my mask & never go back to it.
* To be sold out for Christ-no matter the cost!
* To not let fear have a hold on me!
* To walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit.
* To love as Christ has loved me.
* To not fear rejection of man over the approval of God.
* To pursue dental hygiene.
* To not take the easy way out!
* To feed my spirit more than my flesh.
* To give myself to a life of prayer, fasting, and being in the Word 

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