Sunday, June 05, 2011

the unborn

Her Baby's Last Prayer

Father, I'm so excited about this thing called, "life."
You told me I was a gift and a miracle. Your beloved.
I can't wait to see of all You've got planned for me.
I'm excited to see the look on their face when they see me for the first time.
And for the moment when they give me a name.
For their joy as they count my little fingers and toes.
They will take note of all my firsts.
First word. First crawl. First step.
And if I fall, they'll help me up and tell me everything will be okay.
There will be father-daughter dances and heart-to-heart talks with my mom.
I will be a bride and my dad will give me away in marriage.
All of this excites me, but...
Lord, I feel that something just isn't right.
I'm afraid I'm about to become another statistic,
And I can't help but think, "why?"
You told me I was special and different from the rest.
You told me that no one else could ever be the same as me.
Then why, dear Lord, are they doing this?
Oh how I wish they could hear me scream, "NO!"
Father, I'm hurting from pain
I can't help but cry
Only You can see the tears in my eyes.
If they loved me, Lord...then why?!!!

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