Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ancient Skies- Michael Gungor (with lyrics)

I was walking up my driveway singing...
"YOUR'RE amazing!!! Creation cries; so will I...You're AMAZING!!!"

I got distracted by rustling and a tapping in the tree above me.
I followed it to find a beautiful brown or black bird with a red head. (a wood pecker?)
I walked closer to watch him as he walked around the tree's circumference.
All of a sudden I realized that I was completely surrounded by all these birds in the trees all around me. There were different kinds of small birds: solid red, brown, brown with a red head. They flew from tree to tree, swooped down to the ground, then took flight again. They shook the branches above and caused leaves to shower down beside me. Their song was beautiful.
I stood there in awe for what may have been several minutes as I looked up at the trees, the birds, and the squirrels.
It was such a beautiful symphony.
I asked God what He saw as He looked down at me.
I felt like He said: BEAUTY, PURPOSE, AND PASSION. :)
It wasn't 'til I walked to the front door that I realized that I was just singing:
"Creation cries; so will I...You're AMAZING!!!"

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