Friday, January 13, 2012

You see every tear

Dear Lord,
Thank You. Thank you for what You did this morning. You saw the depth of hurt and pain I've been feeling these last two days. You felt the heaviness of the burden that I woke up with. You saw the scenes that kept replaying in my mind, and heard the words that I had wished I had said. You saw the anger brewing inside of me as I was getting ready. I realize now that I had once again allowed bitterness and resentment to take root in my heart. I thought I was done learning to let go of the past. I thought I finally understood what it meant to forgive, but it looks like I was still holding on to the offenses. I am so so sorry. I was completely wrong. I disrespected and offended her as well. Thank you for interveneing in that situation after I surrendered it to You today. God, You knew exactly what I needed at that moment. Thank You for hearing the cry that was on my heart.

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