Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Abby...talking about Gabe

we've had many conversations in the past. we talked & joked about so many different things, but we never really discussed the more important things in life. i guess i always backed away from any topic that would go into detail about what we believed. i guess it was because i knew we didn't have much in common, so i didn't want to tread those waters. it's really sad though, i did want to hear your views on different things. i was just scared about what i'd find out. But what I regret that I didn't once talk with you about Jesus and who He is in my life...or how real His love is...or how He saved me & is changing me.

I owe you a huge appology because you couldn't see Him in my life. I had started to go my own way again...thinking that my plans were better than what God had in store for me. It felt like I was at war with myself...knowing that I needed to let go...yet still desiring to hold on to things past.

Anyways, I really felt like I needed to tell you, "I'm sorry."

p.s---Lord, show him who he is without You. Stir up a passion in him to want to know You & seek You. Then reveal Yourself to him. Run up & embrace him. Become real in his life. Hold him in Your arms and let him feel Your love. Surround him with Your presence. Remove everything that is standing in the way of him coming to know You as his Lord & Savior. Let his life forever be changed by You. Let him rise up & be the powerful man of God that You have created him to be. Let everyone see You through him. Let him use the talents that You have given him...for Your glory. And expand & develop that he sees that it is only through You and in You.

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