Friday, April 27, 2007

curtain call

a work in progress.....

Title: Curtain Call
On went her make-up
On went his mask
On went their costumes
And all so fast

It was time for his show
Time for her debut
They thought they looked perfect
And soon you would too

The lights went down
Silence filled the air
Curtains went up
Move, you wouldn’t dare

Careful he had to be
He didn’t want to fall
One little slip
And he could lose it all

Balance she had to
Or she could trip
The cost would be great
If she only lost her grip

The drama so intense
Very well he played his part
The song she chose was beautiful
She danced her way into your heart

Tired she was becoming
Testing her own endurance
But quit, she would not
Til the end of her performance

It was almost over
Your rejection he feared
The curtains closed
The audience cheered

"Bravo!" you shouted
They took a bow
Behind the scene, their costumes are off
What would you think, if you saw them now

They're two different people
Living separate lives
In two different worlds
But both living in lies

Each time in public
A performance they give
and all to hide
The lies that they live

Because they're covered in sin
And feel they can't win
So instead they choose to lie
As their soul slowly dies

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