Friday, April 27, 2007

When God says "no"...He knows what He's doing :-)

____Written for Abigail's Story____
“I’m falling in love,” I overheard you say
About a girl you met, one summer day
I wondered who it was and who she could be
Astonished to find out that she was me
I was filled with excitement, anxiety & fear
Every time that I saw you, as you came near
There was a war taking place, a battle in my heart
Foolishness saying, that we shouldn’t have to part
I fought & fought, wanting to give in
But I knew that Virtue, must very soon win
There will be days when I’m sad & days that I’ll cry
But it won’t be you to wipe that tear from my eye
Today I’m doing fine; I'm okay with that now
Truly it was God, who worked it out somehow
On those days I'd think of you and start to cry
I'd go to God and ask him, "Why?"
He'd calm me down & remind me of that day
When He'd shown me you weren't right for me anyway

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