Saturday, January 24, 2009


Found this from a few years back...


Ok so there I was, sitting at the computer…writing a letter to an old friend about how I'm still struggling with unforgiveness and letting go of past hurts & pains. I was relating it to a sore that won't heal because it keeps getting scratched and picked at. When all of a sudden…OUCH…I noticed I was bleeding…yup, I didn't realize that I had scratched a scab and pulled it off…it was a God moment…

I used to think that it was everyone else keeping my emotional wounds from healing…and maybe they did play a little part in that when we were young kids…but I just now realized that I'm actually the one who isn't allowing it to heal completely. Each time it's almost healed I go back and pick-at it until the scab comes off and the wound is exposed again…thereby causing it to bleed all over again. Yes, as we all know, pain is then felt and the wound has to go through the WHOLE healing process all over again. The wound is disinfected/cleaned out and the band-aid put on for a while to stop the bleeding. Over time, a scab is formed as the sore begins to dry up and heal when all of a sudden we unknowingly scratch (or sometimes purposely) pick at the scab…until little by little u realize that now it's back to step 1 again.

Sound familiar? Ok now, you better stop looking at me that way. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one in the world who has ever picked at a scab before…yeah, you best jog that memory of yours so I know who I'm talking to. Hehe. Ok, now that we're all on the same page…I can begin…J

I always blamed my wrong actions & shortcomings on how my sisters or others had hurt me in the fact I just did it again tonight at the dinner table…sad huh? L

SCABS...It's those moments when we choose to let our minds recall all the things that someone might have done to us or the times that they hurt us really bad or offended us. SCABS...It's when we re-live the memory of the pain.

The challenge: Choose to let go of the past & allow God to complete the healing process.


Anonymous said...

I heard the analogy of the scab used in connection to emotional healing but never with the added element of the part the individual may play (picking the scab). This is definitely food for thought.

(,")_hannah leah_(",) said...

That is how i originally heard it too. However, as the years went on, and i still hadn't emotionally healed, I realized that I had used it as an excuse to not have to forgive. (until i saw that it was i who was hurting myself)