Saturday, January 24, 2009

Amazing Grace

how awesome is God's grace!
meant for & given to someone like me
wicked & messed up,
foolish & washed up
 I ran

ran away
left His covering to go astray
 I ran

ran away
until i could deny it no longer
 I was lost
no idea where i was, or where i was going
I was blind
scales upon on these eyes
no one around to hear the cries
I was blind
blind to my own sins
numb to the pain & torment within

I ran
ran away
had to find a place to hide
all because of a thing called pride
running so fast to flee from my shame
until at last, I called HIS NAME


mt said...

i think it would be nice if i put some chords on it...

what do u think?
ur the one who composed it and i'll be the one on melody..

sounds like music and lyrics

(,")_hannah leah_(",) said...

hehehe. i've never thought of it as lyrics, but if you want may :)