Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Philippines Mission Trip

Phils Mission Trip (Part 1)

I couln't help but be in awe of God as we drove from Manila to Dagupan. It's so amazing that i'm in the Phils as i write this. HE never ceases to amaze me!

I was so blessed to be at DCC's 20th year anniv. The church has has grown so much stronger, their faith, more firm...their passion, greater...their love, deeper.

The leaders, more solid...the body, more connected...their light, brighter...their testimony, more powerful. The work of Christ in them, more evident.

We sang mostly in English, but there was something so powerful about hearing & worshiping w/ them as we sang 2 songs in our native language!!!


Eärwen said...

My older sister went to Haiti once, but never the Phillipines. :)
Namarie, bado go Eru!

(,")_hannah leah_(",) said...

wow. i think it would be neat to visit different parts of the world. I just saw a few pics of Haiti. Some of the living conditions are comparable to here in the Philippines.