Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I speak LIFE over you, my friend.

So much has happened
in your 21 years
You've seen much trial
And shed many tears

Your heart's been broken
And suffered such pain
Dreams are shattered
You're covered in stain

Now you're cold as ice
Hard as a rock
A wall built up
Your friends you block

You ache for love
You won't let anybody near
We desire to pour it on you
Yet you hold on to your fear

Your leaves are withered
Roots dried up
You're tired of striving
And want to give up

The answer is Jesus
He can be your rescue
From the mistakes of your past
That keep tormenting you

You're holding onto scarlet
Let HIM clothe you in white
He can be your rescue
He'll be your Knight

I speak triumph over you

The enemy shall not have the victory in your life

You shall be a child of God

The bride of Christ

At the crack of daylight
At the break of dawn
Finally you'll surrender
Your shackels will be gone

You're the apple of His eye
His joy & delight
You'll be his witness
Filled with pure Light

Your story's not over
There's more for you to do
Now that He's changed your life
It's you He wants to use

Many other girls are scared & don't know what to do
You can tell them your story
And He WILL use you...
For HIS glory

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