Friday, September 03, 2010

Creation Calls

Earlier this evening, I was watching the live taping of The Awakening Service on But then I got a phone call & turned the volume down. Well, after the phone call, which was over an hour later, I noticed that I got an email from my aunt, so I opened it & turned the volume up. It was a beautiful video put together by using scenes from BBC's Planet Earth. and set to a song about the amazing creation of God. I thought it was so neat how they also had a sermon in the background that perfectly matched the song & video. It was beautiful!!! Well, as the video ended, the sermon continued. I looked down at the video progress bar & noticed that it really was over. I then realized that the sermon was actually playing from the other window I had opened from The Awakening Service. I was in awe at how perfectly it all went together. What a sweet and unexpected blessing that made me smile.  :o)
Song: "Creation Calls"
By: Brian Doerrksen

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