Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my desire: to WRITE

9/21/10 9:30ish PM

JESUS, I want to write. I want to write sketches & choreograph dances for the glory of YOUR NAME!

I also want to write poems, spoken word, short stories, & books.

Please anoint these hands of mine as I trust in You, Holy Spirit, to inspire me & give me creative ideas of analogies, actions, etc. that will come together to stir people's spirit, cause them to think, move them to cry out to You - for You to change their heart, breathe new life into them, & transform their life - so that they too will then seek You, with ALL they are, and use that which You have given them to reach out to others - for others to then be saved & transformed into Your glorious image. May the work which You do in them last for all generations 'til Your return.

This I pray & ask in YOUR mighty NAME. AMEN. So be it, Lord. So be it!

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