Saturday, October 01, 2011


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As I was out and about driving around town today, the Holy Spirit filled me with immense joy as I was overwhelmed by God's favor and LOVE for me. A huge...started on the inside and came bursting forth. I could not contain it. I was in complete awe of Him.

The devotional I read was about hope and the promise of spring. (NOTE: Today was the first cool, breezy day since Fall officially started last week.) It was about how focusing on our circumstances squelches our hope because it questions the character of God. In contrast, focusing on God puts our circumstances into proper perspective.

As I started reading Philippians tonight (as I was urged to do through a sermon earlier this week), the introduction bore the title, "BE HAPPY" and said the key words in Philippians are "joy" and "rejoice." It also points out that this letter by Paul was written while he was in prison. It concludes that Paul knew the secret to inner joy.

While watching the IHOP Weekend service online, they talked about Paul witting to the church at Philippi as he and Silas were imprisoned. They talked about how these men were filled with joy and worshiped while imprisoned.

O God, where are the mighty men and women in our colleges and universities?!!! ...Those who seek Your face and carry the anointing of Your Holy Spirit. Where are those who walk in purity of heart and righteousness? Where are those who will pray and weep and cry out to You for our nation? ...Those who get on their knees to repent for our nation and then come boldly before Your throne to ask for Your HOLY PRESENCE to come upon our generation and the generations to come. Where are those who will declare Your NAME to the next generation? ...Those who will contend (strive/struggle in opposition or against difficulties) for the loosening/breaking of bonds of Satan for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Let the call go forth and be heard, O God. Open the blind eyes. Unlock the deaf ears. Let the call be answered with a mighty roar from the from the people of God. 

"Let Your fire fall. Let Your wind blow. Let Your glory come down."

Blow the trumpet, warriors.
Sound the alarm, you gatekeeper.
Awaken the town!!!

Let our worship be as incense rising up to your throneroom

Only one thing do we desire: You, O God!

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